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2019 - February


This paper presents the parameters of the new economy model, which has received the name “creative” among the experts. The author draws attention to certain achievements in the creative economy on the example of the developed countries of Europe and Asia. There are some advances in this regard also in Central Asian region, they are shown in comparative perspective.

Kyrgyzstan is considered here as the most acceptable model for creating a creative “hub” in Eurasia. Potential realizable opportunities in this direction with already embodied elements on the basis of the developed program are noted.

The commercial importance of the creative economy is evident in the perspective of the contribution that it already makes to the structure of the national gross domestic product of the country, stimulating innovation and technology. At the same time, there is significance in terms of reproduction of the cultural heritage of nations, in terms of ensuring the process of self-identification of states.

On the basis of the conducted research for the countries of Central Asia, specific recommendations were made for the implementation of the fundamental principles and policy provisions of the creative economy.

 January 2019