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2019 - November

This publication reflects the role of women in Central Asia including its trends and prospects, progress, and some of the unresolved issues in achieving gender equality in the social, economic and political spheres. The publication brings together concrete examples, the best practices and provides the practices from Central Asian countries.

The publication examines the participation of women in the social life, business, the work of parliaments and political parties, in elections and politics at different levels. This includes the participation of women in political life, in the context of the status of women in society as a whole.

The relevance of the publication lies in the fact that it tries to fill the existing gap in the place and role of women in the political life of Central Asian countries. The problems raised in the study stem from the daily practice of building a renewed region. In this regard, this work is important, but it is also necessary for practical terms. It is also associated with the need to create favorable conditions for the participation of women unpolitical life and economic environment of society. Of considerable importance are the recommendations proposed by the author on improving the means and methods of increasing the business and civic activity of women in the region.