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Education Development Concept of the Kyrgyz Republic in 2020-2030 years

2020 - November

The concept was written by group of experts in field of education, academicians, and representatives of governmental and private education institutions (Almazbek Beishenaliev, Salidin Kaldybaev, Toktobubu Ashymabeva, Almazbek Toktomametov, Nazira Duisheeva, Ulanbek Mambetakunov, Gulnur Mamyrova, Nurlan Atabaev, Mirgul Esengulova).

This paper reviews, analyzes the existing documents, legislations, regulative conditions including “The concept of development of education in the Kyrgyz Republic until 2020 of the year”, “Strategy for the development of education in the Kyrgyz Republic in 2012 – 2020 years”, “State standards of education of secondary schools “, “Development Program for 2018 – 2022. Unity. Confidence. Creation” and “The National Strategy of the Kyrgyz Republic for 2018 – 2040”, and proposes the new concept of education development. In these documents identified strategic directions for the development of education, the formation of students’ competencies, the implementation of personal oriented education of children, building an information education system using information technology, exchange of information at the level management, improving the quality of education through the development of regions of the country etc.

The proposed concept for the development of education of the Kyrgyz Republic until 2030 was established based on the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On Education” and on the above documents in order to deepen the basic ideas embedded in them. Education in the Kyrgyz Republic aims to develop human resource abilities, and also the implementation of two large-scale affairs. First, preservation and further development in conditions of globalization of national identity, national values, cultural identity and diversity. Second, integration into the world educational system, taking into account the combination of patterns of globalization and national identity. Questions must prevail in this process, educating the younger generation on the basis of national values, determining the level of knowledge that students in different education concentrates.

As a result, the following key priority directions of development of the education system in The Kyrgyz Republic were outlined:

  • Particular attention to the correspondence of the goal and the result. Necessary at all the steps of the education system to clearly indicate graduate models. This will provide maintaining the principles of continuity and consistency. In the future, individual specialties will become obsolete; new specialties will appear. Therefore, education should switch to the training of specialists who meet the requirements developing labor market.

  • Formation of students’ competence and functional literacy. Current student must understand, be able to use the knowledge gained to solve emerging problems, and also be able to independently deepen knowledge. Very important to enter into the school system those subjects that can contribute the formation of students’ self-learning skills.

  • Textbooks should be “sharpened” on the formation of competencies. The content of textbooks should not be aimed at memorizing theoretical facts, and on the formation of functional literacy, contribute to the solution life problems using knowledge.

  • Emphasis on education on the formation of national values. Education requires a combination of globalization and national values.

  • The need for research accordingly development priorities of the Kyrgyz Republic. Scientific research universities with technology parks where priority research.

  • Training of specialists in IT technologies. Currently in the markets labor of all countries, including Kyrgyzstan, there is an urgent need for IT technology staff.

  • Providing personality-oriented, safe education. To create a safe and a student-friendly learning environment institutions, families and local authorities.

This event was sponsored by The Nippon Foundation and Japan Central Asia Friendship Association